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Talent Planning

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The company attaches great importance to staff training and development work, the staffs keep on learning,transcendence,and leading in the field, and the corporate employment concept is training staffs, bring in staffs, reasonable posting, and stable staffs, to create a very special staff training and development system for Taifeng Group.

1.Pre-post Training

The human resources department organize traning to the new staff of the company. The training includes: military training, company profile, and enterprise culture, and enterprise personnel management system, safety education,etc. After the training, the company organize a examination, qualified assigned to the employing department

2.On-site Training

According to the needs of different company department, the human resources department and the basic unit will take internal training every year. go out to study,and invite talents for teaching, in different ways of learning. organize cadres and employees to participate in management, skills training, and constantly improve the staff's management level and business skills. At the same time, the company also built their own training base. organize outward bound training regularly, honing employee’s will, and melting the company team.

3. Vocational Development

Committed to put social responsibility requirements into the enterprise mission and personnel training, the enterprise constantly get a new connotation of the times, comprehensive consider requirements and expectations of the enterprise, employees, and stakeholder, and promote the management into a virtuous, sustainable, scientific track. The company offers four development channels for the employee occupation career. the employee can choose their development path according to their professional expertise.

3.1  Internal Competition

In order to promote the rational flow of internal talents, optimize the allocation of talent resources, establish incentive mechanism of equal competition and the survival of the fittest, the company will give priority to the outstanding staffs competition from the internal selection for job vacancy , let the company's employees have the opportunity to give full play to their long as the employee meet the internal recruitment conditions, he can participate in the internal competition.

3.2  Talent Reserves

The company encourages all departments to implement talent reserve system, and give them more opportunity in learning to enhance their ability to the selection for key positions in the unit of reserve talents, the employees can better do the design and planning of personal occupation career.

3.3  Skills Upgrading

Encourage, support and guide the staff to enhance their professional skills, to realize the career rank promotion by enhancing the professional skills. Professional skills can be improved through the following ways: self learning, on-site training, corporate training, and send out for full-time training. Employees can choose one or more ways to promote their professional skills according to their own needs, and combined with the actual enterprises situation.