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Tai Qi group care for disabled children intention to hold up the wings angel

Release date:2017-08-10 Author: Click:


It is the 27th Helping Disabled day at 21st May 2017, the chairman of the union of Tai Qi Group as the representative of company to send the donation fund to the children of the special education school in Shouguang.


Over the years, Tai Qi Group has always adhere to the "hands-on pull, a total of help disabled cause" concept of public welfare, the company in the development at the same time, actively assume social responsibility, highlighting a responsible corporate image. The group to practice the practice of social responsibility, by the community's highly praised and praised. The Tai Qi Group won the public welfare “outstanding contribution award” of Shandong, The “advanced company” with the over proportion of arrangements for the employment of persons with disabilities in Weifang.


The Group has placed nearly thousand laid-off workers, disabled employment, donations many times for the township road construction and new rural construction. Give the holiday relief products for elderly on the village every holiday and festival. The group help the Sichuan earthquake 2008, drought of Southwest China, Yushu earthquake and other area which meet the disaster positively, was awarded the “earthquake relief advanced company”. Donation fund for Liu LV kindergarten, Dao Tian Kindergarten, Liu Lv primary school at the “children’s day” 1st Jun. Set up the scholarships in the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Chemistry, Qingdao University, Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology and many other colleges and universities. Within the company, the group has established a bailout fund to donate to the hardship of the workers' families to help solve the difficulties encountered in the work and life.

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